Shamino's Bio:
age: unknown

A great Tactian has repeatedly defeated
any military forces sent into his area
the only victories that have occurred is when the rest of the Katofrakte nations
overwhelmed them by sheer numbers
this has only happened twice.
best left alone and penned against the
eastern shores of the plains. 

Country: Inos
Government: unknown
Population: unknown
Language: Inosian

These are a people not native to Katofrakte, discovered in 2503AK they had landed and establish a base in the Eastern area of our Great-plains.
much of our Military technology was
gotten by stealing parts and equipment
after battles with the Inos. They have never been truley subjugated and
border skirmishes continue to this day.
The striking differences between them and everyone else is their purple skin
and they have been known  at ceremonies to eat the hearst of thier enemys, Hence they have earned the nickname:
"The Purple People Eater's".